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Concrete Inspection

Using a combination of both high frequency ground penetrating radar (GSSI SIR3000 & 1.5GHz / 900MHz antennae) and cover-meters (Protovale CM52) enables us to detect:

  • Reinforcing Steel Placement
  • Concrete Slab Thickness
  • Cables and ducts within concrete structures
  • Reinforcing Steel Size
  • Voiding within concrete
  • Concrete condition prior to rehab works


3D Representation of a rebar mesh

These services are directly targeted at those involved in:

Covermeter in action on a reservoir

  • Cutting concrete
  • Coring concrete
  • Drilling concrete
  • Engineering assessments
  • Rehabilitation works


We are able to inspect concrete walls, floors, ceilings, bridges, beams, water tanks, and columns.

Recent advances in GPR technology allow for full three-dimensional mapping of in-concrete structures, and consequently enables us to have a very good visual interpretation - both in real-time, and back in the office.

Our reports are commonly used to "sign-off" structures or assess them for alteration.


  • Enormous amount of salient information collected in a very short space of time
  • Entirely non-destructive
  • Extremely accurate
  • Cost effective



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